HCC Worship Conference 2018

Here you will find all the sessions from our worship conference. It's important that we all are on the same page and have the same focus for this year. You're really encouraged to take notes and write stuff down. Please make sure you listen and watch all of the sessions. I've made a list of a few rule changes and announcements for this year at the bottom of the page. Most of them will make more sense after you watch all the sessions first! If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to let me know!



- Dress Code - Women are allowed to wear dresses on stage but must be floor length, no slits and not thin enough to see through with the bright stage lights. 

-Phone Usage (Session 4) - No scrolling on social media or using your phone when not needed during practices and rehearsals. (looking on planning center, contacting family work etc. is acceptable)

-Greeting (Session 4) - On Sunday's you are scheduled, we will all meet at the back and greet people from 10:20-10:30 (earlier is even better :)

- Team Nights (Session 5) With what I shared in session 5, our vision for 2018 is to become a "We Before Me" team by creating unity and community between everybody. In order to do this, we will have required team nights on the Sunday nights listed below. You are only allowed to miss 2. I've set the dates and schedule so everyone will be able to plan accordingly. Dates are subject to change and I will give plenty of notice if they do. I'm still working on times and locations for team nights but they will be Sunday late afternoon/evenings. (I'm still figuring out for you all that have kids too) I can't wait for this year and I hope you've been able to catch the vision and heart and be able to help take us to the next place God has in store for us. See you at Team Night! :)


Sunday, February 11th
Sunday, March 11th- CANCELLED
Sunday, April 15th CHANGED TO SUNDAY, APRIL 29th
Sunday, May 6th
Sunday, July 29th
Sunday, August 19th
Sunday, September 16th
Sunday, October 21st
Sunday, November 18th